Looking at your own and your competitor’s traffic is fascinating especially when Google updates their algorithm and wipes out half your traffic. Below see the crazy things that happened recently with a few websites.

How do you see someone’s website traffic?

Using SEMRush.

We use SEMRush to:

  1. Analyse our competitor’s traffic.
  2. Find which topics are popular in our industry to research and write about.
  3. Understand who is linking to us and sending us visitors.

Below is Anymail finder’s traffic over the last 6 months (for the USA)

Most people find us…

People are busy and may love a product but get dozens of requests for reviews. After a year we had crawled to 8 reviews on Capterra. Then Capterra offered to give $20 gift vouchers to every reviewer and we gained 61 more in 2 months. Below, see the process and email template we used.

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For SaaS founder types: Why Serial Entrepreneurs work on their Go-to-Market Strategy First.

Why it’s difficult to get reviews even if they love you

People are busy.

They get a dozen review requests from a dozen different softwares. Every app on my phone seems to ask for a…

When a serial entrepreneur building yet another great company says he wished he’d known to work on his go-to-market strategy (GTM) before anything else, it’s time to get reading. What is a go-to-market strategy? How do I build one? What did others do? Below see the major components of a go-to market strategy and 10 examples of how companies did it for their new business, product, feature, expansion into a new country and more. This includes 5 slideshares to use as both examples and templates.


What is a GTM strategy?

Why have a GTM strategy?

What are the major components of a GTM strategy?

5 Companies explain their GTM strategies.

  • Vuclip — GTM strategy for consumer video in emerging markets
  • Upscope — SaaS for instant screen sharing software
  • Huawei — For establishing their brand in…

It’s hard to picture all the steps needed in creating your own explainer video including what equipment you need and who should be in front of the camera. Below are the exact steps and resources used for creating the home page explainer video for Upscope’s SaaS product. It’s a video that currently encourages 25% of visitors to our home page to click and watch it (early days but looking good so far).


  1. Everything you’ll need.
  2. Write your scripts.
  3. Hire an actor.
  4. Do a setup test.
  5. Filming day advice.
  6. Edit and publish.

Resources you’ll needed

  • A Nikkon D7100 DSLR camera with tripod.
  • A teleprompter: $150 *Essential equipment.
  • A stage trained actor: $130 for the day.
  • A clip-on microphone.
  • An ipad.
  • 2 studio lights: $200.
  • A room…

If 1 out of every 8 people you email buys your product, you’d know how many emails to send to reach your target. Also, you wouldn’t worry about the 7 who didn’t reply. In the past I had no idea what the average conversion ratio was so I worried things weren’t working and made changes too early. Below, we’ll show you Upscope’s blog conversion rate and the sales conversion rates of 2 other companies.

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1. Upscope blog to subscriber conversion rates

Below we cover only the identifiable people coming from the blog and signing up, for a specific day. …

Writing one good quality new blog post can take days and increase traffic to your product by only 1 to 2%. We’ll show you the exact edits we made to our top Upscope co-browsing blog posts in around 16 hours that increased traffic to our product site by 20%. We used both Google Search Console and Oribi to analyse the posts and found, what now seem like, obvious gaps.


  1. Our traffic before we made changes.
  2. Our traffic after we made changes.
  3. How Google Search Console shows us user intent.
  4. How Oribi showed us our highest converting posts and links.
  5. The 4 edits we made to increase traffic to our product by 20%.

See traffic to Upscope before changes were made

Traffic to blog.upscope.io

SaaS metrics like LTV to CAC ratios are simpler to understand when you see real examples and why they’re important. Below we breakdown the metrics of one company and show you metrics for a number of others.

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A quick note: Some of the metrics below like CAC are of little use until you have a repeatable sales process. …

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